Nitin Chhoda, A Marketing Expert Advises to Use Professional Newsletters and eBooks to Increase Chiropractors Patients' Interest


“Providing instant downloadable eBooks and chiropractic patient newsletters after entering their name and email address to the website can actually help collecting patients' email addresses quickly," Nitin Chhoda says.

Chhoda, a premier marketing expert in small and medium-sized practices, has recently assisting chiroprators build trust for those who are scared of chiropratic procedures so as to increase patient booking this year. He is also a recognized authority in offering newsletter and eBooks to patients, and aided businesses worldwide in increasing patient base and adding new resources of revenue.

Chiropractic marketing services generally offer a single solution for creating and distributing quality information that prospective patients are eager to read, allays fears, and promotes the chiropractic profession. People fear what they don’t understand and newsletters offer a friendly avenue to understanding. One such solution is the Chiropractic Newsletter™ that stimulates referrals, attracts new patients and retains established clients. The service offers customizable newsletters that are automatically created and distributed for clients, allowing users to concentrate on running their business.

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4 Hot tips for making sure your email gets to where it needs to | memeburn


Below is a brief excerpt from an excellent article regarding email marketing and practices.  Working with a reputable organization such as Gazetty, LLC will enable you to immediately take charge of your email efforts as highlighted blow.

Email delivery is a highly important consideration; after all, nobody can click on a link in an email they never see. Unfortunately though, there are a number of obstacles each email must overcome before reaching its intended destination, ideally avoiding the spam folder of course.

According to Return Path‘s Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report for 2011, only 81% of global email reaches the inbox. Email deliverability in the Unites States is the highest with about 86% of emails making it to the intended recipient, but marketers can still move the needle a lot higher by understanding the process and by taking responsibility for where emails land.

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3 Email Marketing Myths Busted!


In this post: The top 3 email marketing myths | memeburn the makes some excellent points about email marketing.  One of the keys is her 1st key point:

1. More Subscribers = Higher Conversion Rates

We hear this all of the time from our clients.  "How many subscribers do I have" Fundamentally this number is irrelevant unless examined in a larger scope, such as a percentage of readers.

The key number is how many "readers" do I have.  These are people that are verifiable readers.  In the old days of paper publishing, ads were priced based upon distribution.  Now with the ability to have  verified readership numbers times are changing.

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NASVF NetNews for Nov 4, 2011 is out.


This weekly publication specifically covers what's happening in the Seed and Venture funding areas and is a free newsletter provided by the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF).

NASVF has been a Delmarva Group, LLC client for several years and has leveraged Gazetty technology since the very beginning.

You can view NetNews historical editions here and subscriber here.

How Frequently Should I Publish My Newsletter (5 Criteria You Should Consider)


We hear this question all of the time.  When and/or how frequently should I publish my newsletter.  We'll deal with "when" in another post.  For now, let's concentrate on how frequently.  Of course, here are the common options: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly.

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Standing out from the Crowd - Leveraging your Newsletter

With roughly 73% of companies using email newsletters as a marketing tool, users are being flooded with information and "newsletters."  I see it it every day.  I receive approximately 40 newsletters daily.  Most get a quick glance.  Most I've subscribed to.  Most are useful.  As a vendor, Delmarva Group, LLC (DMVG) has it's own newsletter.   DMVG Tech News.

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